“Voice to be heard” Program

'Employees at soulbrain are committed to creating a transparent and trustworthy company.' The 'Voice to be heard' system can by used by anyone to report unethical behavior of soulbrain’s employees. Each complaint is reviewed by our Ethics Committee; the committewill then determine appropriate corrective action based on the results of an internal investigation.


  1. 1.To expedite the investigation and to ensure that the results are reported back to you, you must use your real name
  2. . You may submit a complaint anonymously if you do not feel comfortable using your real name
  3. 3. All names and complaints will be kept confidential
  4. 4. All complaints will be investigated; appropriate action will be taken and you will be informed of the results
  5. 5. Do not report any false or exaggerated claims because it may result in disciplinary action taken against the employee(s)
  6. 6. The Voice Your Complaints Related to Ethical Management system should only be used to report ethical misconduct
  7. 7. Provide thorough and accurate details pertaining to your complaint in order to ensure that the issue is resolved quickly

Soulbrain Ethical Management Committee

Voice to be heard Program
Voice to be heard Program
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