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soulbrain is always near you with the diverse and advanced high technology industry products to which you are accustomed.

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Though not always visible, we help make the world move.
Soulbrain began with the production of chemical deposition materials, and has since expanded to become a leader in the Korean semiconductor material industry through the localization of various products used in all key semiconductor processes, including etching, high purity hydrofluoric acid materials for washing, etc.
In the display materials industry, Soulbrain also supplies major materials such as Thin Glass and functional organic materials, used in the newest mobile devices, as well as etchants for TFT-LCD processing, both domestically and internationally.
In addition, we have successfully localized and begun mass production of core raw materials in environment energy industries, such as the recently highlighted secondary battery cell and solar cell areas. Specifically, our development of secondary battery cell electrolytes began in 2001, and we are currently supplying the major domestic battery companies. To address the rapidly growing EV and ESS markets, we have also established a manufacturing corporation in the USA.
Soulbrain is always near you through the diverse and advanced high tech industry products you are accustomed to having.
One step ahead in creative strategies, continuous R&D
Over the last 30 years, Soulbrain has solidified its foundation in the high tech industry chemical materials industry of Korea. In the 1980’s, when the country’s advanced industry was born, Soulbrain was determined to localize major core materials for semiconductors and display, starting commercialization much earlier than other domestic companies. Based on our aggressive investments and R&D activities, as well as strategic affiliation with advanced chemical companies and proactive investment in domestic ventures, we have grown to become highly competitive, and have succeeded in becoming one of the country’s leading chemical material companies.
Soulbrain dreams of implementing rapidly advancing technology with passion and unbending spirit!!
Soulbrain aims to fly higher into the wider world through its passion and unbending spirit. Creating a success story by growing into a global company even in the face of harsh times and increased competition, Soulbrain will continue to grow into a global leader in high-tech materials and components through consistent generation of opportunities in the areas related to highly value-added products, based on the leading edge of technology.
We dream, we do
For we who drive toward a better future and the realization of dreams, today is not the present, but already the future. Soulbrain promises to give a future of infinite possibilities for all who aspire for a better tomorrow.