The company will combine capacities to create strong and new values

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‘soulbrain’ combines ‘soul’, meaning soul, spirit, and mind, and ‘brain’, meaning brain, intelligence, and intellect. The companys name represents the combination of capacities that becomes stronger when combined.

We dream, we do

soulbrain’ combines ‘soul’, meaning ‘soul’, ‘spirit’, and ‘mind, and ‘brain’, meaning ‘brain’, ‘intelligence’, and ‘intellect’. The company’s name presents the combination of capacities that becomes stronger when coming together, such as ‘technology and emotion’, ‘intellect and empathy’, and ‘imagination and realization’. In order to visualize the concepts of opposite meaning, ‘soul’ is presented in blue and freedom reminding Italic letters which symbolize ‘youth’, ‘hope’, and ‘purity’. ‘Brain’ is presented in grey and static letter types which symbolize ‘intellect’, ‘future’, and ‘maturity’. The combination of opposite capacities is presented as the two terms are overlapped. The synergistic effects generated from this are presented as a violet triangle, meaning ‘mystery’ and ‘uniqueness’.

Rules for spatial use

In order for the logo of soulbrain to be used effectively, a minimum level of space should be used to prevent any inteVrruption upon application

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Exclusive color

To establish a consistent image of soulbrain, spot color printing is prioritized. Under various circumstances, Process Color with four primary colors may be applied.

Main Color
PANTONE 2925C / CMYK : C85% M25% / RGB : R0 G149 B213
PANTONE 267C / CMYK : C90% M100% / RGB : R72 G47 B146
PANTONE COOL GRAY 10C / CMYK : K60% / RGB : R128 G130 B133
Sub Color
PANTONE COOL GRAY 11C / CMYK : K70% / RGB : R109 G111 B113

Rules for color use

soulbrain’s colors differ by printing media and background colors. For relevant purposes, gold, silver, and metallic colors as well as colors for special and intended effects with lower visibility from glossy effects can be desirably used.

White Background
Blue Background
Purple Background
Gold Background
Silver Background
Black Background