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We expect continuous advancement of the next-generation large-capacity HEV and EV electrolyte businesses.

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“Soulbrain will continuously promote strengthening of the secondary battery materials business for IT and xEV.”


Non-aqueous electrolytes for lithium secondary batteries are composed of diverse organic solvents, lithium salts, and various additives used to improve battery performance. At Soulbrain, we have the techniques to purify such solvents and additives, and we are producing high-quality electrolytes through the development of a manufacturing process which maintains low moisture and HF level. We offer various solutions, such as the development of diverse functional electrolyte solutions which can improve high voltage, overcharging, and battery life issues to achieve superior performance.

  • Major products
    • PuriEL (Lithium Ion Battery/Lithium Ion Capacitor/Electrolyte for capacitor EDLC)
  • Product examples
    • Notebook Monitor
    • Mobile Phone
    • EV Vehicle
    • Electrically-driven Tools

Staff in charge of products in this area: Kwansoo Kim (Manager,
Sanghyun Cho (Manager,

Lead Tab

Lead tabs for lithium secondary batteries are materials that connect the pouch with the anodes/cathodes, and are made from aluminum, copper and other metals. Soulbrain has techniques for specially treating the surface of the materials in order to increase adhesiveness, as well as for plating techniques nickel on the copper of the cathode. We employ various types of films, and can manufacture products in many different sizes with our automated manufacturing lines.

  • Major products
    • Secondary battery cell electrode terminals for PHEV
    • Secondary batter cell electrode terminals for ESS
    • Secondary battery cell electrode terminals for EV
  • Product examples
    • EV Vehicle
    • ESS Storage System

Staff in charge of products in this area: Jungmin Lee (Manager,