Main Milestones

We aim to develop technology that will form the basis of future industry advancement.

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  • 2010s
  • 2000s
  • 1990s
  • 2017년 Dec Developed a Cu plating agent for TSV
  • 2016년 Sep Developed TSV Slurry
  • 2016년 Jul Developed a high-brightness laminated prism for notebooks
  • 2016년 Jun Developed a metal etchant for solar cells
  • 2016년 Feb Developed a slurry for W Touch
  • 2016년 Jan Developed ITO etchant for touch panels
  • 2015년 Sep Developed WEA 2.0
  • 2015년 Jul Developed Glare Pol. laminated prism
  • 2015년 Jul Developed a new Cu etchant for LCD
  • 2015년 Jun Developed a new BOE etchant
  • 2015년 Feb Developed a Cu etchant for OLED low taper
  • 2015년 Jan Developed a new PXL etchant for LCD
  • 2014년 Dec Developed a laminated prism for tablet
  • 2014년 Dec Developed a silver nano wire coating liquid for transparent electrodes
  • 2014년 Aug Developed a Cu etchant for LCD (for micro pattern/new pixel)
  • 2014년 Apr Developed an Ag paste for TSP bezel electrodes
  • 2014년 Apr Developed a glass edge grinding wheel
  • 2013년 Dec Developed SPAN etchant
  • 2013년 Dec Developed APE etchant
  • 2013년 Dec Developed HSN R2.0 etchant
  • 2013년 Dec Developed a laminated prism for Note
  • 2013년 Oct Developed a slurry for HPS
  • 2012 Dec Developed BOE etchant
  • 2012 Jun Developed an improved N+ wet etchant
  • 2012 Jun Developed an improved Cu/Mo etchant
  • 2011년 Jul Developed a gel polymer electrolyte
  • 2011 Jun Completed ZAC development
  • 2011 Mar Developed an N+ wet etchant
  • 2010 Jun Developed glass etching chemicals
  • 2010 Apr Developed antennas and tags for RFID
  • 2009 Oct Developed an improved phosphoric acid (HSN) etchant
  • 2009 Aug Developed an RFID inlay for book management
  • 2009 Aug Developed a Si etchant for wafer thinning
  • 2008 Oct Developed a glass manufacture method for combining TFT plates and color filter plates
  • 2007 Nov Developed a copper-polishing slurry
  • 2007 Mar Developed LSW slurry
  • 2006 Jan Made the world’s first Al etchant waste facility and started production of regenerated phosphoric acid
  • 2005 Aug Developed an improved Cu/Mo etchant
  • 2005 Apr Developed a W cleaning agent
  • 2005 Apr Established the Yongin Research Center
  • 2004 Feb Developed IZO etchant
  • 2003 Nov Developed a Cu/Mo etchant
  • 2003 Nov Developed a Cr etchant for LCD
  • 2002 Dec Completed building of the Manufacturing Technology Research Center (Gongju)
  • 2002 Nov Developed ILD slurry
  • 2001 Oct Developed Cu/Ti etchant
  • 2001 Sep Developed metal CMP
  • 2001 Aug Developed MoW etchant
  • 1998 Jun Conducted a technology innovation task directed by the Small and Medium Business Administration entitled, “MOCVD Source for next-generation semiconductors”
  • 1994 Sep Established a corporate research center (The Korea Industrial Technology Association)