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Solar Cell  Materials

Soulbrain is providing process chemicals and thin-film materials for crystalline solar cells and thin film solar cells.

  • Major products
    • Solar cells - Texturing: HF, HNO3; Diffusion: POCl3, BBR3; Etching & Cleaning: HF, BOE, HCl; Passivation: TEOS; TCO: DEZ.
    • Poly Si - Cleaning: HF, HNO3
  • Product examples
    • Solar Cells

Staff in charge of products in this area: Jongsoo Park (Manager, jspark10@soulbrain.co.kr)
Shinmyeong Kang (Manager, smkang01@soulbrain.co.kr)

Nd Magnet

Due to the recent emergence of issues such as saving energy saving and environmental friendliness, the rate of utilization of Nd magnets has gradually been increasing in all industries. This is especially true in the automotive industry, where the vigorous development of hybrid electric cars is helping to prevent global warming through the reduction of carbon emissions. As the core component for such development is electric motors, which employ Nd magnets, it is expected that the importance of Nd magnets will continue to rise.

  • Major products
    • 48UH Grade
    • 46EH Grade
    • Etc.
  • Product examples
    • EV
    • Refrigerator
    • Air Conditioner

Staff in charge of products in this area: Jaewook Lim (Manager, julim@soulbrain.co.kr)